As a new GTECH FIBER customer, you will soon be part of our high-speed fiber-to-the-home broadband network! This exciting service offers gigabit speed Internet and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service delivered over a state-of-the-art 100% fiber optic network.

Since 1945, Gascosage Electric Cooperative has been meeting the needs of our members. Much like electricity, we consider broadband Internet an essential service - not just in big cities, but right here in our rural corner of the world. We are working hard to make a difference in the future of the communities we serve. Thank you for being an important part of it!


Gascosage Electric Cooperative has applied for and collectively been awarded over $11 million dollars in State and Federal funding to build a fiber optic network that will provide our members with the fastest and most reliable Internet and Phone services available. These services will be made available through our GTech Fiber division.    In addition to this funding, Gascosage will be building out to additional areas in our service territory by applying for future grant opportunities, as well as self-funding those areas that do not qualify as unserved or underserved by current grant guidelines.  Our goal is to make Fiber Optic-based Internet and Phone services available to our entire Membership.  Below is a map of the areas that Gascosage has current grant applications pending or has currently committed to building to.  Buildout times are estimated, actual area completions will depend on material and labor availability.

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↓ Step 1 | Distribution Fiber Construction ↓

The existing electric facilities are being used to bring fiber to your area. Once the electric system is checked and prepared for fiber, distribution fiber construction begins. During this process, we attach All Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS) fiber cable to the poles. Crews then go back and splice the cable together.

↓ Step 2 | Fiber Drops ↓

After the distribution fiber is constructed and all splicing is complete, fiber drops are made. Drops take the fiber from the distribution fiber to the house. After the drop is made, the crew will install a box called a NID on the outside of your house. GTECH FIBER representatives will work with you to be certain the NID is placed in the most efficient place that is agreeable to you.

↓ Step 3 | Installation ↓

Once the NID is on your house, our customer service team will be contacting you to set up a date for installation. Keep in mind the wireless signal from your router will reach a maximum of about 35-40 feet. Be sure to choose a central location for the best wireless experience from your router. GTECH FIBER technicians will install a box inside your home called a ONT. This device will deliver Internet to your router via a network cable and also provide the voice line if you signed up for VoIP phone service. Just like your router, the ONT will require an electrical connection.

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